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So many stories left to tell...

... there's no time to grow up. :)

3 July 1970
I used to talk a lot about NCIS and especially Tony and Ziva. Which is no longer the case, since I've finally reached the mourning state of loss, and by now it's just painful to look at old eps (by which I mean anything pre-s7) and all that potential that Gary Glasberg wasted.

Instead, I'm kinda sorta going back to my roots and exploring original (fantasy) fiction atm, which means you'll probably see a few posts about writing here and there. I'm also a geek, so expect random nerdgasm posts about science, online/roleplaying games, comics, and weird facts.

my NCIS fiction here on LJ

my fiction at the 'Archive Of Our Own' - this includes older stuff and my slash fiction, mostly for 'The Sentinel' and 'Due South'.

Tumblr and Twitter are no more for me, I deleted them in October '16 (which included the ao3feed-tiva Tumblr, since it was a side blog). Too much harassment, too much idiocy, too many morons with the desperate need to get noticed at all cost.

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