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Stop shaming people for liking Ziva David and Cote de Pablo.

I’m tired of the attacks and the nasty names and the false accusations. I’m tired of people claiming we ruin the fandom when all we do is love and support a character and her actress. I’m tired of people jumping at us wherever we go and dare to say we love her and we’d like her back. After ten years no one would ever tell the Kate fans to “get the fuck over it”, so FOR FUCK’S SAKE, stop telling it to the Ziva fans. Won’t happen anyway.

Most of all, though, I’m tired for being blamed and shamed universally for “the state of the fandom”. Ever since I set foot into this farce of a “happy fandom family” five years ago, the Tiva/Ziva fans were the ones who got blamed for everything. We got told to shut up, to not “shove our crazy addiction in the faces of the normal fans”, we got told that we are crazy, that our morals are skewed, that we posted our perverted opinions where they clearly weren’t wanted. When we stuck to “the places where we were welcome”, we were followed and stalked and then later on ridiculed in the same public places we weren’t allowed to post on.

Looking back, the only thing that changed since then is the direction of the bullying. We still aren’t allowed to love Ziva or Tiva or Cote openly - when we say as much, we get told to “keep it out of the tags” or “stop ruining it for everyone else”. (Funny side note: in all these years, no one ever gave the slightest fuck if they ruined it for us.) Wherever you go„ whatever blog or article you look at, “oh god, it’s them again!” is still the first thing you read. Just the source of the attacks against us has changed and broadened.

By now, it has become “politically incorrect” to love the one character that brought the show its highest ratings in ten fucking years. It’s “wrong” to feel offended when her former co-workers firmly put all blame in Cote’s corner, when they bitch about her and tell us to shut up about her. It’s “childish” to be offended when Perrette openly calls her a rich princess who hates her fans. It’s “idiotic” to feel hurt when you hear Mark Harmon talk about her character as something “it’s useless being stuck on”, as if she was the one thing that kept them tied to the ground and kept them from flying.

No. It’s none of these things. We have every right to love Cote. We have every right to love Ziva. We have every right to miss Ziva on the show and to want her back, and we have every right to tell everyone involved in the show that it no longer holds the same quality it used to have. IT IS OUR RIGHT AS CONSUMERS, to like and dislike as we please.

And speaking of which, it is also our right to believe that Cote was wronged in this whole process. Because guess what, the way the remaining crew hacks away at her (with the one noticeable exception of Michael Weatherly) is NOT professional. You wanna believe Harmon is the perfect daddy figure who always takes care of his “family”? Hey, that’s fine, I’m not gonna take that away from you. But in the same instant, it is completely OUR right to believe he isn’t. And it doesn’t matter which view of events is actually true - fact is, the remaining cast and crew are NOT acting like professionals.

I don’t care how butthurt they were after Cote decided not to sign the contract offered. I don’t give a fuck about how annoyed they are with the neverending questions about her and if Ziva returns. I couldn’t give a lesser fuck about the poor, poor writers who had to rewrite everything last-minute (because Glasberg didn’t have a contingency plan). What they are doing (and have been doing for a full year now) Is. Not. Professional. They shame a good woman they worked with for eight years, simply for saying “no, I don’t want to renew under these conditions” - something that is a completely normal occurrence in the modern world of employment. (Because guess what, IT’S YOUR RIGHT TO REFUSE A CONTRACT OFFERED.) They shame and blame someone they claimed to love for eight years while she, on the other hand, remains the true professional and never said a single bad word about any of them. They, on the other hand, completely negate everything she did for the show and contributed to it. They rewrite their own characters and their own history and make everything the show ever gave us in terms of “family values” and “looking out for your own” a farce that leaves a nasty taste in our mouths whenever we look at old episodes. They wanna be professional? Then they should have shut the fuck up, swallowed the butthurt, and treated the storyline in a professional and truly “organic” manner right from the start.

Stop pointing the finger of blame on Cote and her fans. We are not the reason for this. We didn’t put the show to shambles. We just want our girl, and we want to love her, and we want her back on the show, even if it’s just so Ziva can get an actual proper closure to her storyline. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s our right to love her. It’s our right to openly talk about her and to tag it with “NCIS” because GUESS WHAT, that’s the show this is about. It’s also our right to support her and to ask that she is treated fairly - and I don’t care how many of you minions out there want to spin it otherwise, a whole group of people publicly ganging up on her and dropping at every opportunity that “they’re done with her” while she chooses specifically not to address any of this in public… that is NOT fair. It’s not professional. It’s childish and demeaning and it’s reaching the point of slapping the whole audience in the face.

And you know what, if you want to give me a rant now about how evil I am and Cote, too, and how she singlehandedly ruined a good show - don’t even fucking bother. I’ll just block the fuck out of you, and then I’ll continue to love my girl and support the fuck out of her. Because she deserves the support, and she deserves the love, and no, I don’t give a flying fuck about your enjoyment of the show because YOU out there - yes, you, the one who’s about to type up a nice little harassment speech right now - because you clearly don’t waste a single thought on my enjoyment of the show.

Up yours, I say. You want to be the better person? Then be a good example and stop bullying the Ziva fans. If we annoy you so much, just do what we do with the hate bots most of the time: ignore us. Block the people who annoy you. Blacklist the relevant tags. Or better yet, stay out of them altogether. (That’s helpful advice that was thrown into my face dozens of times, so I feel justified to throw it right back atcha now.) Because we ain’t shutting up. We love Ziva. We love Cote. We’ll still love them in one, five, or ten years from now. And that is perfectly fine and politically correct and if you disagree, that’s also perfectly fine, but keep it THE FUCK out of my face and stop harassing us.

(originally posted on Tumblr... which I probably won't visit for a while now...)
Tags: cutie de pablo, fandom, meta, ncis: ziva, wants not!
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i like ncis with ziva,Bring Cote back
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