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Operation Bring Back Cote: Fishback Frenzy!

We don't give up easily. You've noticed that by now, yes? ;) So, in case you were wondering - yes, #Count2aMillion is still going strong. And next week, we're gonna make a great big dent into that fish count to get our wish! Here's what's going on:

Origami challenged? Short of postage? No need to fret – join Operation BBC for a very special Fishback Frenzy as we fill CBS’ twitter-quarium with electronic fish during a free, online-only event to remind CBS just how important Ziva and Cote (still!) are to us!

4x19 - Grace Period - 03.04.2007[(056248)18-36-30] - heart

This Valentine's Day, let's shower CBS with love for our ninja by sending fwishes all day long. You can participate no matter where in the world you are – so once YOUR clock hits 12:01 am, it’s about time to start spreading the love for Ziva and Cote!

Copy and paste some of the fish featured below, or come up with your own. There’s no fwishing limit, so send as many as you want along with your wishes for Ziva to return, either through the CBS feedback form or tweet @NCIS_CBS. Also be sure to include #Count2aMillion in your tweet, so we can count those wishes! And don't forget to tell us - either @OpBBC_Official on Twitter or via email to - how many fishes you sent via the feedback form, so we can include those in our tally as well!

Remember - ALWAYS be respectful. *Tweets deemed disrespectful or bashing current cast members will not be counted.

So, this Valentine's Day - spread the love and let CBS know that we want the real Ziva...not a fish!

Some fish examples for easy copy-pasting:



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