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Operation Bring Back Cote: Project #Count2aMillion, or: a fish is not the Ziva we want!

Last Friday, Gary Glasberg opened his mouth. His attempt to "give the fans what they want", though, failed spectacularly, and once again he ended up just giving us what he thinks we want:

Curious minds want to know: NCIS' Tony recently mentioned having to care for a second goldfish. We know what he named his original fish. Are we safe to assume what he named his new one? –Cheryl
You would be safe, indeed! "If you’ve got Kate on one side of the bowl, it’s only logical who’s on the other side…," show boss Gary Glasberg teases. "You can guess what the other goldfish’s name is." Rhymes with… Viva?

Within minutes, Twitter exploded with outraged comments, and sarcastic tweets mocked his statement in hilarious and insanely creative ways. Many, many users roared up and said, "A fish? That's not the Ziva we want!" But the funny thing about this situation? Gary's interview ended up giving us the last missing ingredient we needed.

Welcome to Project #Count2aMillion.

(as usual, click for a much bigger version)

Here's how you can help: shower CBS in fish of any kind, as a symbol of our protest. (Well, okay -- maybe not actual fish. That would go a bit too far. ;) ) Building on the Japanese legend, origami fish, for instance, would be the coolest thing ever! It's not that hard, and they don't have to be perfect by a long shot. They just have to show your dedication and commitment. (For a start, you can find some pretty easy Youtube instructions here, here, here and here.) Include your wish or your reason why Ziva needs to come back to the show when you send the fish. Write them on the paper before you fold it. Or write them on the folded fish. And if you simply couldn't fold if your life depended on it -- write your wishes on whatever you have lying around. Pages out of phone books or newspaper clippings or, heck, write them on these silly color samples the hipster girls write their soulful messages on!

Now, if you're totally non-crafty or simply don't have the time to sit down to fold and cut and glue, don't despair! You know the Goldfish crackers? Yes! They're not just cute and yummy, they're also perfect to send a statement and bolster up our fwish count in an easy and fun way! You can easily find them at most stores or supermarkets, in bulk or small packages. Whatever you can send will make an impact here!

Do you know any kids, maybe? Your own, nieces, nephews, or your neighbor's kids? Why not have them draw some fishies for you that you can send to CBS? Paint fishes. Cut fishes out of cardboard. Quill fishes or quilt fishes or crochet fishes. Get these shaped hole punchers and send CBS fish confetti! But above all, have fun with this. Because that's what this whole thing should be about: the joy that Ziva brought to us while she was still on the show, and the joy we will feel once we get her back. And while there's still a lot of hard, patient work ahead of us, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun on the way, right? ;)

Our goal: one million fishes sent to CBS. For that we need you to tell us how many fishes you've sent, of course, so we can update the progress tracker we'll soon put on the website. For the Goldfish, look on the box or package for the amount of servings (to make it a little more fair towards the crafty folks) and for everything else, keep an exact count. Then either email us at or tweet your tally to us @OpBBC_Official, using the hashtag #Count2aMillion. Every fish (and every wish) counts towards the total!

Please check back regularly on our website or subscribe there to our mailing list for updates. There'll be more ideas for participation coming soon, and we'll keep you updated with lots of goodies over the next few weeks! And don't forget -- send us pictures if you get creative, so we can share them with all of you! It's double fun to spread the joy, yes?

The addresses you'll need for this project:

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO
CBS Corporation
4024 Radford Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604

Although CBS and Les Moonves should be the main focus here (he's the one who needs to get the message, after all), we won't complain if you reach out to other people involved with the show who might have a say in the direction of the show...

Gary Glasberg (or Mark Harmon)
c/o NCIS
26030 Avenue Hall
Box 4
Valencia, CA 91355

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Sammy, it's the night before school starts up again, and Gary does this to us now, and which causes this to happen now??!!?? I'm going to fall over dead. I'll try a couple crafty fishys but I can't promise too much on a few hundred. Work has gone dead for me, so income is, well, dead.

But I can't wait to see the end result! Load GG with a million FISH WISHES!

And for my birthday wish this year, I want Ziva to come back, so I have before the end of the season to help make this possible!
Not crafty at all.
But I can cut out fish pictures and send them.
Let me get started!!


What strange man without a clue Glasberg seems to be.
esto nos da mucha esperanza..yo creo que nuestra ziva pronto volverá
Perhaps I am missing the context, but what does that have anything to do with what Gary Glassberg thinks fans want?
He has proven a few times now that he has no clue what fans actually want - "Past, Present, Future" was the latest atrocity along those lines, where he stated in long-winded, self-wanking interviews how it would be "what every Tiva shipper dreamed of"... and then, later, he told us to "use our imagination". This way of "honoring" and "remembering" Ziva? Is, again, not what we want. We don't want a goddamn fish. We want the real Ziva back.
Agreed. It's kind of cute, but a goldfish is ultimately a poor substitute for the real thing. Now I'm tempted to get myself a real fishslapper just so I can smack GG with it. :P
"Y tal vez lo más importante .. Temporada 11 es la mejor temporada. Y vas a averiguar por qué cuando llegamos a la final de la temporada." [ x ]
"La extrañamos [Costa] todos los días en nuestro programa, y realmente esperamos que regrese." [ x ] - Michael Weatherly
I have been sending postcards with pictures of a fish stamped on them. I hope that counts.
It does, if you tell us how many. ;)