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Operation BringBackCote: the 'Season's Greetings' Mail Campaign

Forgive me for the late notice on this one, my friends, but Real Life was a little demanding lately, and so I never found the time to make a proper entry about this.

So, for those of you wondering - we're far from finished. Yep, we have more ideas coming up. And right now, we're going to ring in the holiday season with a nifty little mail special to refresh CBS's memory on how we feel about an NCIS-less Ziva.

We're starting this out with greeting cards for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (which, coincidentally, fall on the same day this year). So you can either just buy a card, make one yourself... or print out some of the premade ones we cooked up for you, already stamped with special greetings to CBS!

Whatever you prefer - shower them in mail this week, guys. 'tis the season. ;)

(click for bigger/printable versions - Christmas/New Year's cards for your "Dear Santa" letters coming soon!)

001greeting1_zps098a6150 001greeting1_zpsb910f38b

HappyThanksgiving2_zps8cfc770e thanksgiving-subway-art-printable

tg_card_01_zpsabb7030a tg_card_02_zpsb1279595

Happy thanksgiving CA Happy thanksgiving BBC

give thanks cream Fall printable


Share the light

Happy Hannukah 3 Happy Hannukah 1

Happy Hannukah 2 -- Cote's Army Happy Hannukah 2 -- BBC

Here are all the relevant CBS mail addresses you'll need for this!

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO - CBS Corporation
4024 Radford Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604
Email -

Sumner Redstone
Executive Chairman- CBS Corporation
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Ms. Nina Tassler
President - CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2112
Email -

Mr. Kelly Kahl
Senior Executive VP - CBS Primetime
C/O CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
Email -

CBS Headquarters
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Belisarius Productions
3301 Oakdell Road
Studio City, CA 91604

Please keep all comments and letters respectful. Let them know how much we want her back!
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Love it.
Will get right on it.

Isn't Kelly Kahl a female?
Nope, very male. Yes, my brain was also confused. ;)
Damnit! Why must my printer be broken *pouts*

Once Finals are over (they start next week) I'll start hand writing letters again. I have 1 envelope at home and thousands of lined paper.

Love the cards btw, great job!

Now excuse me, I'm going to stare at Cote's fine ass for a bit...
OK here's the deal. Boss away for next 2 days. EVERYTHING I need is right here.. cards...addresses...I shall devote the next 10 or so working hours to any help for dear Cotes return. Thank you so much for this. I shall make my goal 50 cards and send them out immediately. And thank you also for that beautiful Cote picture in the newspaper for her Birthday !! If I don't get watching NCIS soonish - I think I might never return to it! I miss Cote so much - but am not ready to give up on her return!!!
I very much enjoyed writing out lots of these cards! Despite not celebrating thanksgiving, in regards to Cote, I have a lot to be thankful for :).

Are you considering doing something like this nearer to christmas?
Look, I love Cote and I really hope she'll come back to NCIS, but what if she doesn't want to? I've done my research and concluded that she didn't want to leave, but, according to, "when the actor/director (Michael Weatherly) recently saw de Pablo, she'd "never been happier." Should we just, I don't know, leave things the way they are? This is just my opinion and I would like to know what you think of it.
Claire - did you see ANY comment from Cote saying she didn't want to come back? She's had ample opportunity to make those comments and she has not. In fact the ONLY comments SHE herself has made about her exit were in her interview with Chris Willman.

* "NCIS was not planned, so there is no plan. If I were panicking now, it would defeat the purpose. I need to get really excited about something, because for eight years I was really excited about this character. I don't want to start anything unless it's like that."

* "Did I want to leave under those circumstances? That's another story," she says.

* "The greatest thing about this last episode is that Ziva doesn't die," she says. "As long as a character doesn't die, the character can always come back. Not that it would actually matter, because we bring back characters from the dead all the time on NCIS!"

I see your point. Based on those comments, Cote wouldn't mind coming back, might even WANT to come back, but it seems to me like she's already made her peace with leaving NCIS and is happy with it being that way. What do you think?
She is not wearing ashes and sobbing in a corner all day, true. She is at peace because she made the choice not to succumb to the terms CBS offered her based on the fact that this was better for her than accepting an offer that would have forced her into something that wouldn't have made her happy in the long run. But honestly, she had a hundred opportunities to tell the fans to stop - she didn't. In fact, the two times she addressed the fans directly (once in the Chris Willmann article, once in her thank-you letter to the people organizing and funding the "happy birthday" ad to her), she explicitly thanked them for the support.

Seriously, that ad had the url on it. Don't you think if she had no urge whatsoever to return to that role, she would have slipped in a line that said "thank you for the support, even though it's unlikely I'll return in that role"? If she'd truly want not to be there anymore, there would be no shame and definitely no fan backlash in saying, "you know what, I loved doing this, but it *was* time to move on". No one would blame her for that. She's never once let that on. Instead, she speaks with longing of that role and that show and "her family".

Until I hear otherwise from our girl, I will assume that she made the choice, yes - but it's not the option she would have liked best because she wasn't presented with that.
yesss!! SAMMY ..congratulation for you...
CBS didn't offer her what she wanted, so she left.

If she'd truly want not to be there anymore, there would be no shame and definitely no fan backlash in saying, "you know what, I loved doing this, but it *was* time to move on". No one would blame her for that. She's never once let that on. Instead, she speaks with longing of that role and that show and "her family".

I think there would be plenty of fan backlash if she said something like that. It's marter to talk about that wonderful time instead.
Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I was just a bit...... uncertain. Thanks once again and sorry for taking your time.