Sammy (littlesammy) wrote,

This is why we fight.

Last night, my friends, I burst into tears and started sobbing. The ugly kind of sobbing, with the snotty nose and no air left. The kind of sobbing that just won't stop. I haven't cried that hard since July 10th... only this time it was for a good reason.

A few days ago, we contacted Cote's publicist and told them about the ad, to make sure they're aware of it and okay with it. We sent along a copy of the artwork, and apparently... they forwarded that to Cote. And last night, we got a reply. From our girl herself. (click for bigger version)

Cote email 2

We did it, folks. We accomplished our goal for this ad: we put a smile on a gorgeous woman's face. We made her happy. And she thanks all of you - the guys who helped to make this happen. The guys who have her six.


Yeah, please excuse me while I go bawling my eyes out yet again...

(Yes, this is legit, 100%. No, we don't have Cote's personal email address now. No, we won't give out her publicist's email either, so please don't ask us to.)
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This brought out some happy tears. This is only my second post and something has to be major for me to comment. This is major.
Yes. Yes, it is. *hugs you randomly*
Oh yes, I know those ugly tears so well. This was very lovely. Congratulations to all. Cote is a very special person and we all know this. I miss Ziva so much.
I have not watched the show since she left and I know I shall never watch again.

I am so proud of you, Maya, Julie, Lucie and the rest of the ladies. The artwork is beautiful. You are so talented! You guys have really been an inspiration through all of this. I hope those "ugly tears" were cleansing for you. It has been a long, sometimes ugly ride, and you guys took a lot of unnecessary heat for spearheading this project. Don't let it get you down. From the time I first heard the news July 10, I have been comforted to know that people all over the world were going through the same sadness, and that I wasn't alone. Thanks to all you ladies for being kindred spirits. It gets lonely out there sometimes, especially when the corporate PR machine is stomping all over you! Hang in there and thank you so much! #BringBackCote
I had a couple of tears as well.
What a classy lady she is.
Thank you, thank you for all the hard work.

I'm still sending in letters and postcards.
Dammit, I want that classy lady back.
OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!! You got an email from COTE! I just started crying when I read it! I'm so glad she had a wonderful birthday. OMG! OMG! OMG!

I hope that we get her back on for Christmas, or my birthday… Or by the end of the season (other known as my birthday)


Now I'm going to try to get a script done
I still squee whenever I read this. This e-mail from Cote made my day life. I'm so happy we were able to brighten her day and show her how much we truly love her.

And yes, this most certainly is why we fight.
I believe the appropriate response is, "YAY!!!" :D
Even if we accomplish nothing else, it was worth it just for this.
Going over this again, I would have wanted to yours and Mayas face when you had received this email
very nice going!must`ve feelt good to recive this message.. keep up the good work, i realy hope that u guyes will get her back.. personaly im starting to give up and move on.. this hurts me way to much. and i truly hoped to find ppl that chared my pain.. o well.. good luck