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NCIS: The Flavor of the Wind - Tony/Ziva - AU - master post

disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowed them for play. Put them back where they belong.

summary: "Henna-painted leafs grew up her toes, wrapping themselves around her ankles, and for a second he wondered how far up her leg the decoration went."

warnings & rating: This is a historical AU, set in a time and place when slavery was common, and it involves slave!Tony and slave trader!Ziva, so please be aware of this before you go in.

Yes, there is sex in it, too. And although this is Tony/Ziva all the way, there is one Tony/Tali scene. (I did mention that this is an Alternate Universe, yes...?)

Added as a reminder, because it seems to be necessary - Ziva is in her mid- to late twenties in this one. That makes Tali somewhere around twenty. She's far from a kid. Although she does like to have her childish moments. ;)

author's note: A lot of research went into this one once it was clear that it isn't just a crack!fic but would be something based on actual historical events. If there are remaining mistakes, please forgive me - I obviously haven't been there myself. ;) And yes, there is a lot of backstory in this one that is only hinted at. That is intentional. There is also most likely a sequel that will come out of it.

love & thank you: There are a few people without whom this would not exist, at least not in the form it has come to be in, and I owe them each a big thank you. One is countryole, for breathing the spark of life into it, for saying "DO IT!" and happily plotting away with me. The second is anr, for her incredible feel for the bigger picture and for giving me Oz. (We're talking about the original novel here, which was first printed in 1900. The movie, obviously, came around much too late for this setting. ;) ) And the third is silencero, for being my alpha reader and official cheerleader. And for giving me aunt Nettie, even though he insists that he never does anything. ;) I love you, guys. Really, I do.

word count: 49,000 in total

comments & feedback: very much appreciated.

A pdf version is available for download - 134 pages, 1.2 MB, includes the pretty pictures

The parts on Livejournal:

Chapter One, part one
Chapter One, part two
Chapter Two, part one
Chapter Two, part two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

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