Sammy (littlesammy) wrote,

Yep, still alive - though not in fandom terms. A month ago I deleted my fannish Twitter and Tumblr accounts, and yeah, I was "done with everything" before and always came back. This time, though, I haven't really regretted pressing the button once. I still have a handful of contacts I treasure, but aside from them I spend my time writing like a maniac these days... an original fantasy trilogy.

So, yeah. I cleaned up my LJ a bit, then took a giant broom to my friendslist and kicked a lot of folks off that have either been inactive for years or I can't remember what we used to talk about (or both). Apologies if anyone feels offended by this. Feel free to refresh my memory of why I liked you.

That said - I'm not sure I'll actually start posting here again. We'll see. I think the more challenging task would be to find active groups and people here to interact with...
Tags: fandom, personal
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