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About NCIS 10x01 - Extreme Prejudice

Yes, I was insanely pleased with this one. I loved it to pieces, to be exact, and I clutched my chest quite a few times.

Imagine my surprise when, once again, I came across cries of "But where's the Tiva? *wail*"

You know what? If you don't (want to) see what's going on right in front of your nose, just go the fuck away. Find a show where you see it. Find a show where they fall all over each other banging their brains out and making babies. Leave me to my happy-space and don't tell me there wasn't anything to be seen. It's not my problem you're blind.

(Yes. As you can tell, my patience with this is wearing quite thin, especially after we have been promised BY THE FUCKING SHOWRUNNER *AND* THE ACTORS INVOLVED that we would get an actual relationship this year.)

Okay. *breathes out* Now that we got that out of the way, let's start with our review. Surprisingly enough, the biggest part of it is about the episode itself...

Reviewy ramblings - as usual, quite disjointed, but very, very happy with the show...

Just like our show left us, it resurfaces after the hiatus - with Ducky, and a scene that literally left me a sobbing mess and wiping my eyes barely a minute in.

Doctor: Doctor. Do you know where you are?
Ducky: Purgatory.
Doctor: The hospital.
Ducky: Same thing.

Notice the sand on his cheek. It's all over his chest and arms, too. Wonderful attention to detail here.

Doctor: Mr Palmer's been with you the whole time.

Oh, god. That shot of Jimmy, holding Ducky's hand! And you just *know* he's been doing that for every second he was allowed to be there. *sobs* That boy... *cries some more*

Ducky: Are they all right?
Jimmy: Let's just focus on you in... in this situation, and later we can talk.
Ducky: Are. They. All. Right?
Jimmy: I don't know. I haven't been able to reach anyone.

And just like that I sat there thinking, fuck. Ducky was right - this *is* Purgatory. This is limbo, this is not knowing one way or the other. *sobs*

Admittedly, the new credits distracted me a bit. Because fuck, yeah, that's swag! *dances* And Palmer! Finally, finally, we have Brian Dietzen in the credits! And they've used such a gorgeous shot of him, too! ♥

As a matter of fact -all of them look simply gorgeous. And it's interesting that they seem to have used scenes that show them... I dunno, a bit less action-heavy? More relaxed, more happy? I like the theme they've chosen here, really. Feels like yet another sign of the characters changing, evolving, growing up... being more centered? (Not sure if that makes sense. I'll just throw it out there and let you figure it out. ;) )

The one scene from the preview that still kills me is this one - Abby watching numbly, quietly, how a co-worker's face is covered. I... this just hits me hard, you know? And yeah, I get why this will hit her hardest of the crew. It's a brutal intrusion into her little world of safety and family. It rips her world view apart. It's not something she can sweettalk or gloss over. It death, and destruction, and it's brutal, and vicious. It's not something Abby is used to.

I do have one small gripe with this setting, and that's the fact that - through a certain way of storytelling - they *did* choose to gloss it over somewhat. Yes, I would have liked one or two of them to be seriously hurt and dealing with it for a few weeks/months, not just "a few stitches" and that's it. Yes, I would have liked to know details about the dead and wounded. Would have liked to hear names. Would have liked to hear how many casualties, simply to have a dimension of the terror in my head. "Plenty", imo, leaves too much room for speculation and takes away a lot of the impact. (That said, it's such a minor thing for me that I can easily ignore it for the bigger picture here.)

McGee: Oh-oh.

A little birdie had told me about that scene before, so I knew what was coming, but it still ripped my heart out - surprisingly, it all lay in the way Gibbs touches Timmy's face, like the boy's going to fall any second and he's there to catch him... man, that one *killed* me! So, so good.

Jimmy: You need me.
Ducky: They need you more.

I can't yet put the finger on why this particular scene makes me cry like mad. It does. I can't help it, I just start sobbing like a baby at these lines. (I'm quite serious about that, btw. It's not just a phrase when I say I bawl my eyes out. wennuhpen can attest to my crying fits...)

And it kills me when Gibbs relays the latest info to Vance and says in this quiet, rough voice, "Ducky had a heart attack". The way he says that, so subtle, but you can actually feel the pain, feel how hard this hits him... *cries again*

Abby's (indeed) "gorgeous face" after the elevator rescue! ♥

Fornell (to Gibbs): You never dress up for me anymore.

*snorts* I just love these two, okay? They're so... married. ♥

Fornell: You take a break, Jethro, you're home now.
Gibbs: Navy Yard is my home, too. That didn't stop him, Tobias. He hurt my family.

Yeah. *sobs* This is what makes this so bad. This is why this hurts, because these guys are our family, too. (And it's also something I'll come back to later.)

The FBI trap for Dearing was actually an interesting setup, as is the subplot with Dearing evading them by using his dead brother's body... although all of that, sadly, did feel a little rushed and out of the blue - and that's actually my one small gripe with this whole storyline: I would have liked to see it spread out over more than just one ep. I would have liked to see them chase Dearing for at least two or three episodes, with scenes happening here and there, aside from the main plot, like they did during the hunt for Ari. Maybe spread the time jumps across individual episodes. Have them deal with the trauma, but have the wounds ripped open by the continuing search and the moments of their biggest enemy resurfacing every now and then.

It *was* a really good storyline, and I have a lot of praise for it. But it could have been downright brilliant (possibly even rivaling the Ari storyline) if they had chosen to do a little more with it, not just use it as means to an end (= the gang overcoming the trauma and all, during the upcoming episodes).

Official first shallow side note of this season: yeah, I'm not ashamed to say, I really, really want to see you two in bed. A lot. *whimpers* *licks screen*

Abby: All I see is pain and destruction.

Maybe it's just me, but the thing that strikes me hardest about this scene is that when she grabs Bert, he doesn't fart anymore. Destruction indeed. :(

Tony (to Gibbs): Must have been nice having someone to talk to. For a little while.

That right there is the start of another thing we were promised: Tony does some thinking. And it becomes more and more apparent that he doesn't want to be alone any longer. (And a part of my brain insists that this is exactly why he was with EJ - because he wanted someone to talk to, to get along with, even if it's just for a little while. Which is also why it didn't work out - she never was all that interested in more than a nice little romp, even if she was willing to turn it into a regular romp.)

Palmer, talking to himself much like his mentor. ♥ "And you are not helping matters, Abby!" Adorable exchange... although I thought she had overcome those fears seasons ago? Ah, well, under those circumstances it's understandable to have it resurface, and I'm more than willing to be lax on the nitpicking.

Love the phone call with Penny. Gives me hope she might show up again. I really, really liked her.

Gibbs: Duck. You're not here, remember?
Ducky: Yes, but I am alive. And until I am embalmed and buried, there will be stories to tell. And I look forward to telling them.

Yes. That. *points at journal's title*

Ziva: Agent Fornell asked me to convey this message - 'Are you freaking kidding me?'


Anyone else freaked out about Dearing's wall of surveillance and the snapshots of our team on there? This really *was* personally, and he knew full well whom he was targeting. This wasn't just a random bombing. He planned to hurt *these* people, not just any random Navy guys who happened to be there. *shudders*

Vance: Are you building something?
Gibbs: Yeah. I need a bigger basement.

What now, Gibbs? Were you told to build an Ark...? O_o

Ziva: This is infuriating.
Tony: Ziva is upset.

I don't care how silly you are, you yummy man, you. Just keep talking with that pretty mouth of yours, and keep showing us your insanely beautiful hands. Keep messing with our minds by just being extremely delectable, okay? Okay.

Dearing playing Evan's tapes... I have to admit, that was the first scene where I actually felt a glimpse of what this character is about. Felt some emotion from him (and about him), instead of him being just the cold and obsessed mastermind. Makes the showdown much more poignant.

And that showdown... man, I have to confess, I didn't expect it to affect me like this, but it did - I ended up crying, hard, because that wasn't just any end to that fight. Gibbs did the same thing Dearing had done to him - he made this one deeply personal. He broke his own rule, he brought a knife to a gunfight, and he didn't just fire an impersonal bullet - he took that knife and gutted the man who had threatened his family, his home. Not just one stab, he kept shoving the knife in. And he held Dearing and looked him in the eye the whole time. I... am torn between heavy emotion and feeling severely creeped out, to be honest. But it was a good way to end this. A very, very satisfying way. I still wish they had spread this out over more episodes. Much like "Spider and the Fly", I was longing for the kind of emotional impact the prolonged chase *could* have had. But aside from that - no, I'm fucking happy with this storyline. They did good.

And that plaque - yeah. It's fitting. Because that day left all of us devastated, and it sent us into a hiatus that seemed a lot longer than most of them.

Well done, show. Well done indeed. ♥

(Okay, maybe I have one tiny gripe more - I think there were way too many spoilers floating around. I can understand all these reporters being hyped about their advance copies and the crew being hyped about the season ahead of them, but seriously? There weren't that many surprises left. Which took away some of the impact, sadly. I hope they cut back on the spoilers a bit for the next episodes.)

And now, for the thing you all came to read about... the Tony/Ziva "subtext"... ~

Another shallow side note: both Tony and Ziva looked extremely yummy and edible throughout the whole episode. And boy, oh boy! So much casual!Tony it hurts my eyes! ♥

That said...

Tony: I'm so glad we broke protocol and took the elevator. Whose bright idea was that anyway?

You know what I love about this scene? They don't answer that question. Could have been either of them. :P

Okay, really bad image quality from here on, due to the lighting of that scene. I tried to enhance the crap out of them, just so you can see the expressions better.

Tony: Xenia Onatopp. The Bond villain from 'Goldeneye', Famke Janssen. She would kill men by squeezing her muscular, well-shaped thighs...
Ziva: I can think of worse ways to die.

Yeah, so can Tony, from the way he's fondling her thigh... *wipes brow*

Now, let me, the happy little movie geek, reiterate the true awesomeness behind this moment: first, the mentioned villain slash Bond girl... the first time Bond hears her name in that movie, he mishears and repeats "On top?"... and Tony, saying that name, while Ziva is on top of him, so to speak... not to mention the sexiness of the whole analogy... and yeah, there was that scene where she tries to kill Bond by crushing him between her thighs... which was in a sauna, if I remember correctly... a very sweaty situation, too!

Also... come on, guys! He wants a girl who at least appreciates the way he appreciates movies? And she does just that, she not only listens to his rambling, she also comments positively and even agrees with his flow of consciousness! What more do you want?!

Ziva: I'm almost... there... We're stuck!
Tony: Well, keep pushing, thigh master, I'm starting to enjoy this...


Ziva: We slipped.
Tony: Did we? I thought the earth moved.
Ziva: You're sweating.
Tony: It's hot in here.

Ziva: I had not noticed.
Tony: Really?

I... just... can I just flail and scream and whimper for a second here, guys? Can I? Because SERIOUSLY!!! HOW CAN YOU SAY THERE WAS NO FUCKING TIVA IN THIS EPISODE AFTER *THIS* SCENE?!?!

Look at the way she stares at his mouth. How she leans into him and sniffs him out. How he looks at her almost shyly when he makes the earth moving comment. How he looks at her when he touches her friggin face and brushes the hair out of her eyes and his hand almost cups her face as if he'll pull her closer any second now, but then he stops at the last second... and how Ziva gives that throaty little laugh suddenly, and they stand there and look as if someone glued them together at the hip when the whole friggin elevator leaves them enough room to step away?


Seriously, people! Regular buddies/friends/co-workers usually do NOT wrap themselves around each other like that! (Or do they? Educate me. If that's the norm, I'm seriously missing out on some fun!)

That whole "phone call from daddy" moment... at first viewing I didn't really notice the true awesomeness of that scene, I have to admit it. Yes, I would have preferred to actually see a scene or two with Michael Nouri, but I do realize that a few recorded lines are better to handle schedule- and budget-wise. I'm vaguely irritated that Eli just keeps talking and talking without waiting for a single word from Ziva - I'm guessing that's the reason she snaps at him at one point. I *would* have liked subtitles for that talk, I have to admit that, but yeah, I can deal with it, especially since I get such a fucking couple-vibe from the both of them suddenly that it's uncanny. Especially with Eli complaining about Tony, apparently, and Ziva defending her husband lover favorite co-worker. God, my fannish little heart just swells at that particular intimacy! ♥

Tony: That's sweet. Your dad called. My father should be calling any second.

And, once more, she almost crawls into him when there is absolutely no higher need for that ever. Yeah, of course you're just buddies. Sure.

So, skipping ahead to the rescue scene... once again, we see them glued together and using the least space possible in that big fat elevator... And yeah, I have to admit, for someone who just complained about body odor, she sure stares at him as if she's comtemplating licking him all over...

Tony complaining about the guy who always undresses Ziva with his eyes. Yup, he sure notices those things... and yeah, once again I get this insane "married!" vibe from them in this scene. This incredible intimacy... that's yet another step further along the way. And I really, really like it. ♥

Ziva: Abby! I've never been more happy to see your gorgeous face!

Yeah. With that smile? I buy it. ♥

Abby: You guys... must be ready to kill each other.

Oh, no worries, Abbs. Kill? Naw. Fuck each other senseless? Yeah, that's more like it...

This! This is one of the "loud looks" Cote was talking about. The ones that are better than any conversation because they are so obvious, so apparent, so... telling. The people who keep saying that "it takes more than a few looks for them"... you know what, just walk away. Because most likely even hot monkey sex wouldn't be enough for you, if you don't recognize foreplay in its purest form.

And that's why I think people should better shut the fuck up before claiming that Gary mislead them and there was no emotional connection during those three hours in the elevator. Because one thing is suddenly VERY different from the way they treated each other over the past couple of years: it's sexual again.

Yes, there was touching, there was closeness, there was playful groping... but that's just it: ever since Somalia, Tony never really treated Ziva like the sexual creature she was before. He made jokes, he gave her bad puns, but he never once looked down her blouse or went into her personal space with the express goal to distract her with that physicality. He didn't *look* at her like that. Which is understandable. He didn't know what to do with this girl for the better part of two years. He knew there was something broken, inside her, between them, and yeah, he probably felt looking at her like he had before would be deeply inappropriate.

But now, he *does* notice for the first time in a long, long while that yes, she has incredible thighs, and yeah, he gropes her, and no, she doesn't blow him off - on the contrary, she gets pretty distracted by that closeness, and she looks at him afterwards as if she wants to devour him, too. And that end scene, when Abby assumes they were close to killing each other? A whole new understanding passes between them, and you can see that, for the first time, they actually both LIKED the experience. That, no, they don't mind spending time with each other. The only thing they minded was the aftermath of the bombing.

And you can see that new understanding, that closeness, that bond, that willingness to be with each other, in the very last scene - yes, it's blurry and far away, but this? This is foreshadowing. This is them, how they will be from now on - together. It can't end any other way from here on. ♥

All in all - I love this one, fiercely. I love where it brought us, I love where it left off, and I can't WAIT for the rest of this season. I am very, very sure it will be worth every goddamn minute I'll spend with my show. ♥


( 16 notes — leave a note )
Sep. 26th, 2012 10:30 pm (UTC)
I agree with absolutely everything - as I mentioned on the no_safety_pin discussion. I'm on board, Tiva already exists in so many shapes and forms, but now, knowing what we know from GG and the actors, we just have to wait and enjoy the ride and let them fall for each other as it should be... they're already falling, so sooner or later the scene I imagine in my head will come true ;). BTW I laughed out loud with the "...only in my dreams" line from Jimmy :D so great! ;)

PS: It's great to have your reviews back! \O/

Edited at 2012-09-26 10:31 pm (UTC)
Sep. 26th, 2012 11:28 pm (UTC)
Me too.
I am so happy your reviews are back.

I liked the episode A LOT.
It's my favorite season premier since Truth or Consequences and easily in my top 3 along with T or C and Kill Ari.

I have said a couple of places today that despite my TIVA leanings my favorite scene was the one between Gibbs and Tim in the bullpen. When Gibbs catches sight of the glass in Tim's chest and Tim looks down and sees it, I believe he says "uh oh." Which is what little kids say when something goes wrong. Like "uh oh" I just flushed mommy's contacts down the toilet. "Uh oh" I left my homework at home. He was like a lost little boy and then Gibbs was so gentle with him, the way he never is with the men on his team, only Abby and occasionally Ziva. My eyes watered let me tell you.

I kept telling other TIVA fans that nothing would be blatant in this elevator scene but they all had such high hopes. And like you said, the spoilers that came out hot and heavy spurred those hopes on. Maybe folks will settle back into reality now. A reality that should include more moments of TIVA than ever before if you're right, Sammy. And I surely hope you are. I trust in your instincts more than any of the spoilers.

I also liked the interaction between Ziva and Abby and hope we see a little more of that.

And first Tony talking to Gibbs about someone to share your life outside of work with and then Jimmy asking Tim about the same thing. Seeds being planted for sure.

I thought Dearing committed suicide by Gibbs and it almost seemed like Gibbs put him down like a dangerous wounded animal. The fierce Gibbs came out that's for sure.

Love the FIBBS every single time.

Did anyone notice that Ziva seemed very protective of her teammates up to and including insulting Gibbs in hopes to defer his lone quest for Dearing. Or was that just me?

I am so glad, so happy, so relieved, your previews are back!!

Thank you...

Sep. 27th, 2012 12:02 am (UTC)
Yes, there was touching, there was closeness, there was playful groping... but that's just it: ever since Somalia, Tony never really treated Ziva like the sexual creature she was before. He made jokes, he gave her bad puns, but he never once looked down her blouse or went into her personal space with the express goal to distract her with that physicality. He didn't *look* at her like that. Which is understandable. He didn't know what to do with this girl for the better part of two years. He knew there was something broken, inside her, between them, and yeah, he probably felt looking at her like he had before would be deeply inappropriate"

Oh wow! You got everything right with this statement. Thanks so much - you are the best!

Please come visit The Land of NCIS some time. There are very few antis, lots of gorgeousness.. We could use your smart, positive, happy outlook!

Do you think the cast reads tumblr, blogs and forums....oh,yeah. ;)
Sep. 27th, 2012 12:56 am (UTC)
I can't believe I didn't rush right to LJ after work today to read your review. I'm disappointed in myself. ;)

I was kind of "meh" on this episode, mostly because I feel like it was way, way, way too rushed. A two-episode arc to start the season and finish the storyline would have been much better - 44 minutes was not enough to wrap up the aftermath and hunt Dearing down and kill him.

I'm a little torn on the ending - I think Gibbs killing him with a knife is a little too close to the "murder" line than I'd like him to be as a federal agent. Like, I forgive him for killing the man who killed his wife and daughter, because I understood his motivation. This was supposed to feel the same way but to me it just didn't. Maybe that goes back to the rushed feeling, though.

And dammit, there should have been more blood and more injuries. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fallout spread throughout the season. :)
Sep. 27th, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
I was definitely getting the "married" vibe between Tony and Ziva in the elevator too. You're right, there wasn't anything really overtly romantic about that scene, but there was an undercurrent of strong affection throughout and it had me grinning like an idiot. This is how I see them acting when they finally decide to make it official and actually tie the knot.

As for the rest of the episode, once again, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. This was, overall, really good. Not quite perfect, as you pointed out, but still really enjoyable. I think it's the best ep GG's written so far. If the rest of the season continues in this vein, Tiva-wise and in general, I think I can safely say we're in for a real treat this year. :)
Sep. 27th, 2012 02:54 am (UTC)
I was disappointed with the episode for a myriad of reasons (there was so much potential), BUT I can't believe I haven't seen this pointed out yet (if it has, forgive me, I missed it):

Tony's bucket list: "Date a Bond girl."

Tony in this episode: Directly compares Ziva to a Bond girl.
Sep. 27th, 2012 12:12 pm (UTC)
Brilliant=light bulb goes on!
Sep. 27th, 2012 03:36 am (UTC)
I love reading your reviews. :-) Thank you for the screen caps too!

I felt that this episode was rushed. I agree with the comments that a 2-parter to start the season might have been better, along with stretching out the search for Dearing for a few eps like they did with Ari. And Gibbs with the knife creeped me out. I mean, Dearing knew, but Gibbs seemed to enjoy it a little too much for me. Stabbing is so personal. I got teary eyed at the Ducky in hospital scenes. So glad he's ok.

On the TIVA, overall I was very pleased. I enjoy your screencaps so much because the Tiva scenes go by so fast, that the caps really allow you to analyze the looks and body language much better. I also got the married vibe off them, especially when Tony was talking about the coworker that undresses Ziva with his eyes. I think my disappointment with the elevator scenes was due to reading spoilers/interviews that teased like something big was going to happen. Following that hype, the scenes were a bit of a let down. But given the Tiva, or lack thereof, we have had at times in the past, this ep left me feeling very hopeful. Especially that last scene (are they having coffee together or something?). I do hope that's foreshadowing!

Does anyone know what Ziva's dad was saying on the phone? I wanted subtitles too.
Sep. 27th, 2012 04:32 am (UTC)
Excellent review as always. My thoughts always line up well with yours, which is why your reviews are some of the few I read. Tumblr can piss me off (and I really don't give a fuck what most people think...its not going to change my mind), so I do a lot of PgDn, PgDn...ooh pretty picture. Love this analysis though.
Sep. 27th, 2012 10:38 am (UTC)
I didn't think there was no Tony/Ziva in this episode -- I got what I expected to get (re: everything you said above) and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was the right amount for two people who are more than just co-workers but not yet something else. I just don't think it was worthy of oodles of hype.
Sep. 27th, 2012 01:05 pm (UTC)
I like your review - it is interesting to see the episode from different viewpoints.

Now, I'm not trying to start a fight here, so please bear with me for a few minutes - I'm trying to be reasonably positive.

I don't like Tiva - I think the season 3/4 characters could have got together but that too much water has passed under the bridge since then. Additionally I personally don't see that sort of chemistry between the two characters, so I have found it jarring and cringe-worthy when random extras have told Tony and Ziva that they should be together.

Because of this, and all the leaked spoilers and the hints of Tiva for the new season, I was not really looking forward to the premiere - it's pretty much only Gibbs that keeps me watching, as I feel that much of the team dynamic that drew me in, and I loved, has been sacrificed to pairing Tony and Ziva onscreen.

Incidentally, I did feel that Fornell's snarky innuendo about Tony and Ziva did feel very realistic - especially compared to the above.

There was mainly plot related stuff that I didn't like about this episode, but I think that they did a good job of covering subtext between the various characters to pander to viewers, virtually whatever pairing they ship, but also without turning it into an obvious soap that will put off viewers who don't want to see that sort of thing either.

As you say, there was a lot of subtle interaction between Tony and Ziva in the elevator - plenty of fodder for those that want to read into it and easy to ignore for those of us that don't.

And I am delighted to learn that there are some Tiva shippers who are happy with this, because I keep hearing about/coming across those whom seem to who want nothing less than Tony and Ziva shagging onscreen.

If they can keep up the this sort of subtlety, then I think they will please most viewers, but I am concerned that the kind of obvious Tiva relationship that some fans are calling for will be even more detrimental to the show and put off many viewers and I don't want to see that (and which is something that makes me anti-Tiva rather than ambivalent to it).

I get the feeling that TPTB are teasing us with spoilers in a way that gives unrealistic expectations which both frighten off non-Tiva viewers and fail to deliver for some Tiva viewers - none of which can really be good for the show.

Finally, if they can keep delivering as with this episode, then I think they are navigating the tightrope of pleasing the maximum number of people at a time.

Thankyou for listening - if you've read to the end - I'll disappear and leave you all in peace.
Sep. 27th, 2012 01:30 pm (UTC)
BRILLIANT to have your reviews back and I enjoyed this one even more than the episode itself. The episode itself was better for me as a premier than either Spider and the Fly or NOTB.
My favorite scene was by far the elevator scene between Tony and Ziva and also, the scene where Tony tells Gibbs 'it must have been nice to have someone to talk to for a little while'. These are closely followed by the Ducky-Palmer scenes.

I saw a lot of Tiva in the elevator. Loved all your interpretation of it and of course the lovely screen caps. Oh, and thanks to your review, I noticed the sand on Ducky's face and also what he said in the hospital with his mask on which I simply did not catch even if I rewound that scene twice.

Loved the new opening credits.
Only thing I didn't like was the scene where the FBI agent tries to ensnare Dearing in the hotel room. Also, like you said, it would have been great if the Dearing arc was spread over 2-3 episodes.
Sep. 27th, 2012 04:08 pm (UTC)

I LOVE that season X is the season for Tony and Ziva. My only concern is that once they get together, TPTB are going to feel the need to break them up. What are your thoughts/speculation on the chances of them remaining together long-term?
Luz Marina Marin
Sep. 27th, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC)
Re: Question
My dear Sammy .. once again an excellent review ... just watched the series so far .. Tiva clear there .... I think if they had kissed ..... would end the charm of these two .. . it has to come with something stronger between them ... Note that? .. clear was hard when that happened ......
Sep. 27th, 2012 07:30 pm (UTC)
Re: Question
That is why they are doing this so slowly, with babysteps. Clearing the air between them, having them deal firstly, with personal demons and secondly, putting the stuff that has happened between them in the past, in the past. They are building this relationship to last. They wouldn't be spending all this time (almost 2 seasons) building this up only to tear it down again. This will not only happen, this will last.
Sep. 28th, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
Re: Question
Yes! Sim! Sì! I just hope they don't leave it all for the final episode... -_-'
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