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"Aliyah" - Tony, on a plane home

disclaimer: So not mine. Just borrowed them for play. Put them back unharmed.

notes: It's been a while. I know. I'm still around, though, and these two are still in my head. I suspect they will never leave.

This very vivid image of what I want Tony's last scene on NCIS to be couldn't be brushed away, so it had to get out. No, I still haven't watched any episodes since the end of season ten, and I never will. (Personally, I suspect over the years I will dismiss everything that happened after "Good Cop Bad Cop" as non-canon, too.) The snippet still works, and it wanted to be told. Blame Tony.

word count: 1,800

comments & feedback: Very much appreciated.

AliyahCollapse )

T.S. Eliot wrote those lines, which are probably the most-quoted lines of any 20th-century poet writing in English, 90 years ago. Especially today - exactly two years after Cote de Pablo's exit from NCIS was officially announced - many of you might feel a very similar kind of bleak outlook. It has gotten so quiet on the Bring Back Cote front, after all, and all the outraged activism of the early days seems to have trickled out of people.

Yes, we confess - it's hard for us to keep going, too. It takes a lot of stamina, manpower, and willpower, and sometimes it also takes money we can't bring up on our own. So yes, we have gotten quiet. And, much like all of you, we have run out of ideas a little, on what to do and whom to target. We yelled at CBS and the executives. We yelled at Gary Glasberg. We yelled even louder at Mark Harmon. We yelled and screamed until we were hoarse, but did they hear us?

You're right when you replied no: it didn't seem like they listened to anything we said. Instead, every official post sounded (and continues to sound) like it was tailored specifically to make Cote's fans feel bad and insignificant and like ungrateful children who don't value the great thing they've been given "instead". And yes, we understand your frustration. We share it. We feel the same. Much like you guys out there, we found it harder and harder to keep fighting while everyone pretends we don't exist, and so we gradually turned to mostly loving and supporting Cote instead. That part, at least, always came naturally.

But you know what? That's exactly what the ones responsible for the situation want: they have been holding on and sitting tight in the hopes that we, the nuisance, would eventually lose hope and just go away and shut up and leave them alone to do what they want.

Let's not. Let's go out with a bang instead.

And here's the one last message we need to drive home: Cote WANTS to come back.

People still involved with producing the show like to repeat over and over how she "walked away", "left", "walked out on them", "dropped everything" and whatever phrasing fits their claim that our girl is done with the show. Cote, on the other hand, has by now stated several times that "under the right circumstances", a return of Ziva David could definitely be explored. Twice she even went as far as saying, "the ball's in their [CBS's] court". Which translates directly to, "make me an offer!" Add to that the latest rumors that CBS is getting frustrated with Mark Harmon's way of handling the show and the loss in ratings... we'd say this is the right time to roar at the mighty empire once more.

So what do we want you to do?

It's easy. We want you to run away with Cote's own words... and since "the ball is in their court"... let's actually put it there: send them balls, with your messages written on them. Ping pong balls. Tennis balls. Golf balls. Heck, send them old basketballs you no longer need, we don't care. Just do anything you can think of to get the point across that we and the show still need Cote to come back - and that she's willing to do just that.

Now, the balls are just an easy idea for you. You can write lengthy letters to get the point across, too. Or, if you don't feel eloquent, put a brief note on a postcard. (We'll try to supply some ball-themed ones over the next few days for you to print out, but of course you can also look at your local stores for cards that fit the theme in the meantime!) Just do something. Get off your butts one more time. Roar at them.

For this round, we feel that our best chance lies with making Nina Tassler aware of what's going on, for two reasons: not only is she very aware of how passionate and involved the NCIS fan base is with the show (which she clearly stated during the 200th episode party), she is also actively working on making the world of television a little less male-dominated:


So point out to Ms. Tassler that the fan base no longer considers NCIS a "beloved show". Tell her that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the comments section of literally every online article published about the show over the past year consist mostly of complaints about the show's quality and the overwhelming demand to have Ziva back. Explain how much Ziva means to you as a role model and how dearly you need her back. Make it clear that you feel like the die-hard course to ignore everything Cote and Ziva ever did for the show is destroying their franchise. Mention the dropping ratings and the demo, if you want.

But whatever you do - please join us in this fight, one more time. We need your voices, and we need them to be heard. We need you to roar and not whimper.

This is the address you will need:

Ms. Nina Tassler
President, CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2112

Above all, though, please think carefully about your words. Don't insult and don't use harsh language, please. We want them to listen, after all.
I’m tired of the attacks and the nasty names and the false accusations. I’m tired of people claiming we ruin the fandom when all we do is love and support a character and her actress. I’m tired of people jumping at us wherever we go and dare to say we love her and we’d like her back. After ten years no one would ever tell the Kate fans to “get the fuck over it”, so FOR FUCK’S SAKE, stop telling it to the Ziva fans. Won’t happen anyway.

Most of all, though, I’m tired for being blamed and shamed universally for “the state of the fandom”. Ever since I set foot into this farce of a “happy fandom family” five years ago, the Tiva/Ziva fans were the ones who got blamed for everything. We got told to shut up, to not “shove our crazy addiction in the faces of the normal fans”, we got told that we are crazy, that our morals are skewed, that we posted our perverted opinions where they clearly weren’t wanted. When we stuck to “the places where we were welcome”, we were followed and stalked and then later on ridiculed in the same public places we weren’t allowed to post on.

Looking back, the only thing that changed since then is the direction of the bullying. We still aren’t allowed to love Ziva or Tiva or Cote openly - when we say as much, we get told to “keep it out of the tags” or “stop ruining it for everyone else”. (Funny side note: in all these years, no one ever gave the slightest fuck if they ruined it for us.) Wherever you go„ whatever blog or article you look at, “oh god, it’s them again!” is still the first thing you read. Just the source of the attacks against us has changed and broadened.

By now, it has become “politically incorrect” to love the one character that brought the show its highest ratings in ten fucking years. It’s “wrong” to feel offended when her former co-workers firmly put all blame in Cote’s corner, when they bitch about her and tell us to shut up about her. It’s “childish” to be offended when Perrette openly calls her a rich princess who hates her fans. It’s “idiotic” to feel hurt when you hear Mark Harmon talk about her character as something “it’s useless being stuck on”, as if she was the one thing that kept them tied to the ground and kept them from flying.

No. It’s none of these things. We have every right to love Cote. We have every right to love Ziva. We have every right to miss Ziva on the show and to want her back, and we have every right to tell everyone involved in the show that it no longer holds the same quality it used to have. IT IS OUR RIGHT AS CONSUMERS, to like and dislike as we please.

And speaking of which, it is also our right to believe that Cote was wronged in this whole process. Because guess what, the way the remaining crew hacks away at her (with the one noticeable exception of Michael Weatherly) is NOT professional. You wanna believe Harmon is the perfect daddy figure who always takes care of his “family”? Hey, that’s fine, I’m not gonna take that away from you. But in the same instant, it is completely OUR right to believe he isn’t. And it doesn’t matter which view of events is actually true - fact is, the remaining cast and crew are NOT acting like professionals.

I don’t care how butthurt they were after Cote decided not to sign the contract offered. I don’t give a fuck about how annoyed they are with the neverending questions about her and if Ziva returns. I couldn’t give a lesser fuck about the poor, poor writers who had to rewrite everything last-minute (because Glasberg didn’t have a contingency plan). What they are doing (and have been doing for a full year now) Is. Not. Professional. They shame a good woman they worked with for eight years, simply for saying “no, I don’t want to renew under these conditions” - something that is a completely normal occurrence in the modern world of employment. (Because guess what, IT’S YOUR RIGHT TO REFUSE A CONTRACT OFFERED.) They shame and blame someone they claimed to love for eight years while she, on the other hand, remains the true professional and never said a single bad word about any of them. They, on the other hand, completely negate everything she did for the show and contributed to it. They rewrite their own characters and their own history and make everything the show ever gave us in terms of “family values” and “looking out for your own” a farce that leaves a nasty taste in our mouths whenever we look at old episodes. They wanna be professional? Then they should have shut the fuck up, swallowed the butthurt, and treated the storyline in a professional and truly “organic” manner right from the start.

Stop pointing the finger of blame on Cote and her fans. We are not the reason for this. We didn’t put the show to shambles. We just want our girl, and we want to love her, and we want her back on the show, even if it’s just so Ziva can get an actual proper closure to her storyline. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s our right to love her. It’s our right to openly talk about her and to tag it with “NCIS” because GUESS WHAT, that’s the show this is about. It’s also our right to support her and to ask that she is treated fairly - and I don’t care how many of you minions out there want to spin it otherwise, a whole group of people publicly ganging up on her and dropping at every opportunity that “they’re done with her” while she chooses specifically not to address any of this in public… that is NOT fair. It’s not professional. It’s childish and demeaning and it’s reaching the point of slapping the whole audience in the face.

And you know what, if you want to give me a rant now about how evil I am and Cote, too, and how she singlehandedly ruined a good show - don’t even fucking bother. I’ll just block the fuck out of you, and then I’ll continue to love my girl and support the fuck out of her. Because she deserves the support, and she deserves the love, and no, I don’t give a flying fuck about your enjoyment of the show because YOU out there - yes, you, the one who’s about to type up a nice little harassment speech right now - because you clearly don’t waste a single thought on my enjoyment of the show.

Up yours, I say. You want to be the better person? Then be a good example and stop bullying the Ziva fans. If we annoy you so much, just do what we do with the hate bots most of the time: ignore us. Block the people who annoy you. Blacklist the relevant tags. Or better yet, stay out of them altogether. (That’s helpful advice that was thrown into my face dozens of times, so I feel justified to throw it right back atcha now.) Because we ain’t shutting up. We love Ziva. We love Cote. We’ll still love them in one, five, or ten years from now. And that is perfectly fine and politically correct and if you disagree, that’s also perfectly fine, but keep it THE FUCK out of my face and stop harassing us.

(originally posted on Tumblr... which I probably won't visit for a while now...)
It's been a while since I opened my mouth for something that wasn't a quick tweet. A lot of things happened over the past year - in other areas, not so much happened. Here's a quick recap: hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm still angry.

In fact, I get angrier each day. Which is mostly based on how the people responsible for making NCIS and promoting it choose to deal with the loss of Ziva and Cote, how they try and eradicate both Ziva and Cote from the show's history, how they choose to deal with the fans who still mourn her loss, and oh, by the way, I am extremely pissed off at all the people who tell us it's not legit to still mourn, because GUESS WHAT: it's completely okay. You lose something (or someone) valuable, and it affects you. The more you love, the harder it affects you. And I think it says a lot about how much the folks out there (still) love Ziva and Cote that, yes, we pulled themselves together because "it's just a TV show", but we are still not over losing her. Some of us never will be.

And that's the thing that makes me so incredibly angry: for ten years, the team behind NCIS was all happy-happy joy-joy when it came to how passionate the fans were about their show. They were intrigued and excited about how many emotions we pour into this show and get out of it in return. They loved that we were emotionally involved. They WANTED that. They talked about it in interviews with awe. Now? Now we're suddenly a pesky nuisance. Now our emotions are suddenly bothering them and they want us to turn them off and just go back to mindless consumerism and shut up, thankyouverymuchbye.

You don't believe me? Hey, that's fine. But I've seen too much spite aimed our way by actors, writers, spokespersons, and directors by now, and as a direct result I simply cannot believe they want our honest opinion, they just want our eyeballs stupidly stuck to a TV set each Tuesday night. More often than not their huffy answer to criticism was, "well, we still love you, and we're still doing a good job!" Strangely enough, those words were often followed by mass-blocks of everyone who just dared to have Cote as a user icon. Yeah, sorry, but I don't really feel the love there.

I even get it, you know. It probably sucks hard after ten years of being praised to the high heavens that everywhere you go these days there's criticism raining down on you. I get it. It confuses you and it pisses you off. But here's what makes you a true professional and not just someone who does the job they're paid for: you listen to criticism, even if you later discard some of it. You listen to customer complaints. And you try to figure out what went wrong if you are suddenly drowned in complaints you never used to get before, and then you address the topic in a way that makes it easier for the customers to deal with the situation... or, better yet, you fix the problem.

There are other things that just don't work for me. The cast and crew (with the refreshing and very noticeable exception of Michael Weatherly) solidly point the finger of blame at Cote (and then blame her aversion to social media on the fact that they "just have to shun her name so sorry"... which, of course, only counts as long as they can't pimp their dying show with a mention...) The characters themselves are mostly out of character these days, especially when it comes to the topic of Ziva, and that's another thing that irks me and why for me the show that I loved ended with season ten: it screws every single value and every bit of character development we've had over the years in the rear. Think about how these characters used to react when one of their own was down or in trouble or missing or "universally absent". Think about the whole glory of the Aliyah arc, culminating in ToC. And then look at how they are basically treating the very same situation now and tell me the current handling of the loss of Ziva is "in character". Yeah, sorry, but the whole "family" vibe is completely lost on me now.

"Okay," I hear you say, "get to the point already."

My point is this: they are currently trying to use our emotions again. In case you haven't seen it, here's a quick rundown of the (to me) deeply offensive part of the promo for next week's episode:

voiceover: "It's Halloween and nothing's scarier than letting go..."
Abby: "I loved Ziva, but she left us!"
Tony: "I miss my friend."
voiceover: "... starting over..."
scene where Ziva-clone tackles Tony, then cut to him fondling her dog tags
Tony: "Excessive force always was your style."
Ziva-clone: "You never seemed to mind."

And yes, as a direct result of it, I have seen many of you hoper sheep out there say "oh god, now I have to watch it, they're gonna mention Ziva finally!" Wrong. They won't - at least I firmly believe we won't see any more than the two lines we get to see in this promo. Remember when I predicted what a piss-poor and unsatisfying job PPF would make of her exit? Remember when everyone said, no, that can't be, we were promised it would be all good? Remember how those same people watched the episode and then said, well, fuck? Yeah. It's gonna be just like that all over again - and worse.

I've also seen some people say, "oh, but that's just the promo, you know how they are, it's gonna play out totally different in the episode." Which is true. And that's exactly why I'm even more offended by the way they chose to cut this particular promo, because the message it spells out is clear and deliberate: GET THE FUCK OVER IT ALREADY. Because the people who just hear him say, "I miss my friend", they deliberately ignore the second half of the promo: "starting over", followed by the Ziva-clone tackle. And yes, I'm fully aware the character has a name, thanks. I still choose to call her Ziva-clone because that is the part they have clearly chosen to focus on in the promo. Because apparently witty, dark-haired girls who manhandle Tony are interchangeable and the next one on the menu (according to the promo) is enough to make him move on from the last. Who needs actual love anyway.

Five bucks on this: the scene between Tony and Abby in the lab will be cut the other way around. He'll tell her he misses his friend, then she lectures him on how she loved (notice the past tense) Ziva but she left them, hugs him, then probably shoos him out of the lab. That whole Abby line is yet another level of travesty, btw, because that's not Abby talking, that's Pauley Perette talking, whose bitterness and open backstabbing have left many of Cote's fans with a nasty taste in their mouths. Don't believe me? Then you probably missed the part where she flipped her shit on Twitter and used almost those exact same words to talk about Cote to a young fan.

And yes, I feel deeply offended that it took them more than a year to sneak in a scene that attempts to address the issue... but only in the same breath as "moving on", "starting over", "hump the next sassy girl that comes along". If you honestly think anything in this episode will be about honoring Ziva? Boy, you will come out of it feeling even worse than after PPF.

I will forever be angry about how they choose to treat Ziva's and Cote's names, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I still believe that both character and actress deserve much better than what they received. And I repeat - I firmly believe you will be in for a big surprise if you think the next episode will actually honor her name and contribution to this show... or if you believe the "so much history" episode that was just teased by Perette will actually include Ziva. Five bucks on this: if Perette is excited about it? It's probably gonna be all about Kate.

They're throwing scraps at you, to get you to tune in and then hopefully shut up because hey, you heard her name, so we're totes not forgetting about her, alright?

Nope. Not alright. It's an insult, it's a thinly veiled, "now get off our backs already, ffs!", and it's a disgusting attempt to draw in some viewers for an episode they have nothing else going for.

So, what do we do now? Personally, I do the same thing I did a year ago - I tell them this is not okay. The ones responsible for shunning our girl's name are (and to me that's glaringly obvious by now) both Mark Harmon and his smiling puppet Gary Glasberg. (And I swear to god, if you start arguing with me now about how Harmon is just one of the actors, I will probably yell at you to get out of my face. And then I'll tell you to go and read the latest TV Guide interview, because that one makes it abundantly clear nothing on this show happens without Harmon's approval or incentive.)

tl;dr - go write Harmon, Glasberg, and Moonves and tell them to either bring back Cote or at least treat her memory with true respect. Tell them if you're unhappy with the direction of the show and why. Be polite, but firm. And keep up the feedback, because otherwise they will think they have won and we're happy with a one-line mention and that'll be enough for us to forget all about our girl and move on to the next cool chick, just as easily as Tony will on the show soon enough.

Where to write to:

Mark Harmon or Gary Glasberg
c/o NCIS
26030 Avenue Hall
Box 4
Valencia, CA 91355

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO
CBS Corporation
4024 Radford Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604

(There are more addresses and people to target over here on the BringBackCote site, so if you feel hyper-motivated, go check it out.)

And to those thinking I'm just losing my shit for no reason and surely they'll get everything they ever hoped for in that ep - yeah, see you next Tuesday, when you come back to look for these addresses. Hope your feedback will be extra-scathing!
We don't give up easily. You've noticed that by now, yes? ;) So, in case you were wondering - yes, #Count2aMillion is still going strong. And next week, we're gonna make a great big dent into that fish count to get our wish! Here's what's going on:

Origami challenged? Short of postage? No need to fret – join Operation BBC for a very special Fishback Frenzy as we fill CBS’ twitter-quarium with electronic fish during a free, online-only event to remind CBS just how important Ziva and Cote (still!) are to us!

4x19 - Grace Period - 03.04.2007[(056248)18-36-30] - heart

This Valentine's Day, let's shower CBS with love for our ninja by sending fwishes all day long. You can participate no matter where in the world you are – so once YOUR clock hits 12:01 am, it’s about time to start spreading the love for Ziva and Cote!

Copy and paste some of the fish featured below, or come up with your own. There’s no fwishing limit, so send as many as you want along with your wishes for Ziva to return, either through the CBS feedback form or tweet @NCIS_CBS. Also be sure to include #Count2aMillion in your tweet, so we can count those wishes! And don't forget to tell us - either @OpBBC_Official on Twitter or via email to OperationBringBackCote@gmail.com - how many fishes you sent via the feedback form, so we can include those in our tally as well!

Remember - ALWAYS be respectful. *Tweets deemed disrespectful or bashing current cast members will not be counted.

So, this Valentine's Day - spread the love and let CBS know that we want the real Ziva...not a fish!

Some fish examples for easy copy-pasting:



Last Friday, Gary Glasberg opened his mouth. His attempt to "give the fans what they want", though, failed spectacularly, and once again he ended up just giving us what he thinks we want:

Curious minds want to know: NCIS' Tony recently mentioned having to care for a second goldfish. We know what he named his original fish. Are we safe to assume what he named his new one? –Cheryl
You would be safe, indeed! "If you’ve got Kate on one side of the bowl, it’s only logical who’s on the other side…," show boss Gary Glasberg teases. "You can guess what the other goldfish’s name is." Rhymes with… Viva?

Within minutes, Twitter exploded with outraged comments, and sarcastic tweets mocked his statement in hilarious and insanely creative ways. Many, many users roared up and said, "A fish? That's not the Ziva we want!" But the funny thing about this situation? Gary's interview ended up giving us the last missing ingredient we needed.

Welcome to Project #Count2aMillion.

(as usual, click for a much bigger version)

Here's how you can help: shower CBS in fish of any kind, as a symbol of our protest. (Well, okay -- maybe not actual fish. That would go a bit too far. ;) ) Building on the Japanese legend, origami fish, for instance, would be the coolest thing ever! It's not that hard, and they don't have to be perfect by a long shot. They just have to show your dedication and commitment. (For a start, you can find some pretty easy Youtube instructions here, here, here and here.) Include your wish or your reason why Ziva needs to come back to the show when you send the fish. Write them on the paper before you fold it. Or write them on the folded fish. And if you simply couldn't fold if your life depended on it -- write your wishes on whatever you have lying around. Pages out of phone books or newspaper clippings or, heck, write them on these silly color samples the hipster girls write their soulful messages on!

Now, if you're totally non-crafty or simply don't have the time to sit down to fold and cut and glue, don't despair! You know the Goldfish crackers? Yes! They're not just cute and yummy, they're also perfect to send a statement and bolster up our fwish count in an easy and fun way! You can easily find them at most stores or supermarkets, in bulk or small packages. Whatever you can send will make an impact here!

Do you know any kids, maybe? Your own, nieces, nephews, or your neighbor's kids? Why not have them draw some fishies for you that you can send to CBS? Paint fishes. Cut fishes out of cardboard. Quill fishes or quilt fishes or crochet fishes. Get these shaped hole punchers and send CBS fish confetti! But above all, have fun with this. Because that's what this whole thing should be about: the joy that Ziva brought to us while she was still on the show, and the joy we will feel once we get her back. And while there's still a lot of hard, patient work ahead of us, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun on the way, right? ;)

Our goal: one million fishes sent to CBS. For that we need you to tell us how many fishes you've sent, of course, so we can update the progress tracker we'll soon put on the website. For the Goldfish, look on the box or package for the amount of servings (to make it a little more fair towards the crafty folks) and for everything else, keep an exact count. Then either email us at OperationBringBackCote@gmail.com or tweet your tally to us @OpBBC_Official, using the hashtag #Count2aMillion. Every fish (and every wish) counts towards the total!

Please check back regularly on our website or subscribe there to our mailing list for updates. There'll be more ideas for participation coming soon, and we'll keep you updated with lots of goodies over the next few weeks! And don't forget -- send us pictures if you get creative, so we can share them with all of you! It's double fun to spread the joy, yes?

relevant addresses behind the cutCollapse )
summary: How it should have been.

word count: 27,000 in total, 9,700 for this chapter

chapter one: past. chapter two

comments & feedback: Very much appreciated.

three: futureCollapse )
summary: How it should have been.

word count: 27,000 in total, 11,100 for this chapter

chapter one: past.

comments & feedback: Very much appreciated.

two: presentCollapse )
disclaimer: So not mine. Just borrowed them for play. Put them back unharmed.

summary: How it should have been.

word count: 27,000 in total, 6,250 for this chapter

notes & warnings: AU, obviously. Meet Sammy's new reality, in which the show ends with the last episode of season ten and this is where they'll go from there. Funny enough, this one started out as a flippant remark and then turned into something I wasn't quite prepared for: the base for a whole universe I will happily play in from now on -- a universe in which Ziva doesn't run away and they figure out their shit and how things work. (Yes, there are already at least three other stories planned in it.)

Nothing explicit happens in this story... or rather, it happens, but it isn't explicitly written about. Oh, wait -- two bad words towards the end, but those are courtesy of a movie quote. ;)

Massive thanks to Maya, my hyper-active muse and willing test subject. I'm two weeks late, but consider this a happy birthday gift, my dear. The rest of you -- consider it an early Christmas gift? ;)

comments & feedback: Very much appreciated.

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on to chapter two
Forgive me for the late notice on this one, my friends, but Real Life was a little demanding lately, and so I never found the time to make a proper entry about this.

So, for those of you wondering - we're far from finished. Yep, we have more ideas coming up. And right now, we're going to ring in the holiday season with a nifty little mail special to refresh CBS's memory on how we feel about an NCIS-less Ziva.

We're starting this out with greeting cards for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (which, coincidentally, fall on the same day this year). So you can either just buy a card, make one yourself... or print out some of the premade ones we cooked up for you, already stamped with special greetings to CBS!

Whatever you prefer - shower them in mail this week, guys. 'tis the season. ;)

(click for bigger/printable versions - Christmas/New Year's cards for your "Dear Santa" letters coming soon!)

001greeting1_zps098a6150 001greeting1_zpsb910f38b

HappyThanksgiving2_zps8cfc770e thanksgiving-subway-art-printable

tg_card_01_zpsabb7030a tg_card_02_zpsb1279595

Happy thanksgiving CA Happy thanksgiving BBC

give thanks cream Fall printable


Share the light

Happy Hannukah 3 Happy Hannukah 1

Happy Hannukah 2 -- Cote&amp;#39;s Army Happy Hannukah 2 -- BBC

Here are all the relevant CBS mail addresses you"ll need for this!Collapse )

Please keep all comments and letters respectful. Let them know how much we want her back!

This is why we fight.

Last night, my friends, I burst into tears and started sobbing. The ugly kind of sobbing, with the snotty nose and no air left. The kind of sobbing that just won't stop. I haven't cried that hard since July 10th... only this time it was for a good reason.

A few days ago, we contacted Cote's publicist and told them about the ad, to make sure they're aware of it and okay with it. We sent along a copy of the artwork, and apparently... they forwarded that to Cote. And last night, we got a reply. From our girl herself. (click for bigger version)

Cote email 2

We did it, folks. We accomplished our goal for this ad: we put a smile on a gorgeous woman's face. We made her happy. And she thanks all of you - the guys who helped to make this happen. The guys who have her six.


Yeah, please excuse me while I go bawling my eyes out yet again...

(Yes, this is legit, 100%. No, we don't have Cote's personal email address now. No, we won't give out her publicist's email either, so please don't ask us to.)
Gentlefolks, I promised the final version of our "Happy Birthday Cote!" ad for today, her actual birthday, and since I won't be able to stay awake until the new episode actually airs and the guys over on Twitter set out to get #HappyBirthdayCote trending for the second time tonight, I'll drag my tired fingers across the keyboard to give you a long overdue preview.

Yes, you read that right, btw - a second time. We already trended it earlier:


For today, we even took down our usual #BringBackCote Twitter stream on the website and replaced it with a link to all tweets tagged with #HappyBirthdayCote, and you really should hop over and browse these, because seriously, all of these love declarations just make me... happy. Many pictures of people holding signs, lots of very personal messages, and I get really emotional looking at all of these! So much love for our girl! ♥

Okay, long story short - this is finally the part where I yell "Ta-daaah!" and pull away the curtain that shrouded our project from spiteful eyes so far. This? Is the message you helped fund. The message you helped create. The message you will see in tomorrow's L.A. Times.


(Click for a huge version - not the full print resolution after all because that ended up being 12 MB and you don't need it that big. Seriously. This is about half the size and still a good resolution so you can read it all.)

I hope you'll like it as much as we ended up loving it. It was a project that gave me a lot more gray hairs than I already have, and you don't want to know how much time went into creating this... or into cursing Photoshop for crashing on me like a dead donkey...

Now, for mere amusement I decided to not make this just about Cote, but give you a tangible little gift in return, to thank you all for your support, your donations, your messages. So I made this into something you can actually use - a wallpaper. Two versions, one with the greetings to Cote, one blank, and you can decide which one you like better.



(Again, click for a much bigger version of the images.)

I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I wanted to say more about this, but right now the thought seems to have fled and my mind is a sleep-deprived mush. I'll be back tomorrow. Until then - I love you. And thank you, again, for making this possible. ♥

Please do NOT, in any form, share these images on Tumblr. Linking to this post is fine, but I don't want to see the pictures themselves over there, since this community has been so hateful towards our efforts. Also, these are NOT base images for edits. Go make your own, don't claim or use these.
Let me start this by confessing something that, to some, sounds almost like a dirty little secret. In fact, many perfectly rational people cringe if they are ever forced to bring up this particular secret with their friends and family, because while it has become so commonplace to have a "coming out" and stand up for your likes if it concerns matters of sexual, religious, or political preference, it's rare that people sit down their loved ones only to admit something that often carries the stigma of a lack of mental and emotional development. So, here's the thing you need to know about me: Hi, I'm Sammy, and I'm a fangirl.

I"m okay, though. No, really.Collapse )

If you miss Ziva and want her back, please help us by making your voice heard. Visit bringbackcote.com for information on how you can get involved. Even a simple email helps.
Good evening, my friends. I apologize for the long silence. Life was rather stressful the past few weeks, culminating in two weeks of sick leave due to the beginning stages of a burnout. Thankfully, my two weeks of vacation have begun now, and a lot of things suddenly look a whole lot brighter, so let me tell you about a few exciting things that happened since we last talked. :)

So, we reached our goal - the crowdfund thingie tilted, and we got enough to finance the birthday greetings for Cote in the L.A. Times, plus several hundred dollars so far that will go to Un Techo para mi Pais, the charity that Cote herself supports. And we decided that yes, even though the project is already financed and billed, we would keep donations via Paypal open until midnight at Cote's birthday, so if you want to chip in a few dollars to help fight poverty in South America (or just spread the word about it to others), you still have a chance to do so. The PayPal addy to use is operationbringbackcote@gmail.com - and of course we will later provide solid numbers about what went where. Not a single cent of these donations goes into our pockets, after all!

Now, we promised you a preview of the artwork for a while, and I apologize for leaving you hanging for so long - especially the people who chipped in so graciously. :( Aforementioned stress, too little time, and too many issues with Photoshop ended up eating away all good intentions, and so I got the artwork done, but only last minute, just before we actually placed the ad. By then, other issues had come into play, like some of us getting almost pressured and bullied because certain people demanded to know (and "approve") what the ad actually said, to make it CBS-friendly... which led us to looking at each other, shaking our heads, and saying, "You know what? Nope."

Of course we're not using this ad to bash anyone. Of course it's about Cote first and about the emotions we have for her. Of course it's about thanking her for what she did for us. We made all of this very clear from the very beginning, and we stand by our words. But we won't give out a preview now just so the publicists (both paid and freelance) can sleep easier.

So, what you get instead is a teaser of this very lovely, very intimate, very personal piece.


The actual ad in its entirety and full resolution will be premiered, promoted, and distributed on Cote's birthday, next Tuesday, one day before the ad will be in the newspaper. I hope this will tide you over until then, and I hope you'll understand, because we love you, guys. We can't thank you enough for making this possible. Seriously, we can't. And to be honest, for a while I wasn't sure it would happen. But it did. And that makes me very proud, considering the badmouthing Operation BringBackCote receives, especially among the Tumblr sheep. I'm glad there are still some people following (and supporting) our activities who have their head on straight. I bow to you, my friends. Thank you. ♥
I don't like to beg, guys. No, seriously. I hate it. I've never begged for myself, for anything, in my entire life. (Except for that bunny I weaseled out of my mom when we didn't really have the money for it, but that's a story for another day...) But yeah, today, I beg, because I think this needs to happen.

As most of you might know, we are trying to crowdfund a giant ad in the L.A. Times, to say "Happy Birthday" to Cote and thank her for eight incredible years. Our project page with every bit of info we have on this can be found here. It has one week left to run, but to reach our goal, we need your support. I think we're doing insanely well by now with the donations - 71% of the sum are already spoken for, and we need less than 1k now to actually make it happen. 84 people so far believe this is a good cause and joined the project, and given the resistance of the larger part of this fandom, I am humbled my the people who joined the project and pledged a little of their money.

Especially with this success, I would hate to not see this happen after all. I'd love to put our devotion for this woman out there, for everyone to see. So, if you think you might spare something like one dollar per incredible season this beautiful woman gave us, now would be a good time, okay? Donations start at $8 - one dollar for every season wonderful Cote gifted us with - but the upper limit is entirely up to you. (And don't feel bad if the money just isn't there. It's okay. We're not asking for anything you cannot afford - never. I grew up at that end of life, I know how it is to barely scramble along. We have listed other ways to help on the BBC page that don't cost a thing.)

What are we doing? We will make a Cote-portrait that'll be composed entirely out of attributes and descriptions people come up with when they think about her. We don't have the actual artwork yet (apologies for that, but the past few weeks have been insanely draining and stressful - I'll try and rectify that during the next few days) but it will look something like this:


The words will come from all the people contributing to the campaign, so yes, by chipping in, this will indeed be your very personal way to say thank you to Cotes.

The Crowdtilt page itself allows only credit card info, and there have been some people who felt sensitive about it, which we understand, so we set up the BBC-addy operationbringbackcote@gmail.com for those of you who want to donate via Paypal - Maya, our project runner, can add those as collected externally. And there's also the possibility to make anonymous donations on the CT page - these are the steps you need to follow for that. (These involve using CC - anon via Paypal can be done if you add in the accompanying message you want to remain anon, that way only Maya will see your name and it won't be out there.)

We're not trying to scam you - you know exactly what every cent of this is for, and you'll get to see receipts for every dollar spent. If we receive more donations than we need for the half page we are aiming for, the excess will not go into our pockets, but will be donated to Un Techo para mi País ("A Roof For My Country"), a South American charity organisation that Cote is heavily supporting. If you say, that's a good cause, sure, but why buy an ad - then please consider donating directly to Techo. We completely support that as well.

We have one week left to finance a project that is very dear to my heart. I'd love to see this happen. If it doesn't, well, it won't. I'll still do the portrait, and it will be spread online instead, on her birthday. It won't be quite the same, but we'll cope. But still... if we could make this happen? It would rock my world. And hopefully, Cote's as well.

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